-Titan shifting, Do not ask for titan shifting, Unless the Owner, or Administrator give you it. If admins give the Titan shifting without permission from the Owner you will be demoted, and Warned.

- Free Mod/Admin, Do not ask for Mod or Admin, you will further be ignored.

- Exploiting, Do not exploit our community you will be PERM-BANNED If you exploit.

- Racial Words, Do not use this hate speech on other such as the N Word, this effect can cause multiple trouble to our community DO NOT USE IT If you are caught by using Racial words, you will be PERM-BANNED.

- Using Grammar, Please, use grammar, This game supports Grammar and Without it You will fail very easily.

- Treating others nicely, Please, treat each other Nicely we don't want to give involved of a single fight. This will cause trouble and you and the other player will get kicked if this attempt keeps going on for 3 times.-

- Do not Abuse Admin/Mod Commands, If you abuse this type of command you will no longer Have commands, nor the role Of Administrator Team.

- Using Alts, If you are banned with your first account then you cannot use an alt. But if you aren't banned with your Main then you can use an Alt.

This is the page You see why you got Banned